Bruins to wear "LA Nights" jerseys vs. Stanford, says UCLA Store, but not Morgan Center

UCLA Store

UCLA will wear new alternate jerseys when they host Stanford in the final home game of the regular season, but the athletic department botched the rollout and forgot to tell us.

Do you like UCLA's true blue and gold? Well get ready to see them in navy blue. The Bruins will wear "LA Nights" alternate jerseys when they take on Stanford on November 24.

College football is all about alternate uniforms right now. Seemingly everyone has special uniforms that they wear for a match. Sometimes they are crazy and outlandish, other times they are throwbacks or maybe it is just the same basic design of their jerseys, only in black or a third color.

UCLA is opting for a mix of throwback and third color, going with the old Clarnedon numbers and navy blue. It also appears as if the jerseys will have an undershirt that will have the "UCLA stripes", which are more hyphens at this point. It would be similar to what adidas did with the undershirts on the Notre Dame alternate jerseys.

It is tough to really judge these uniforms until we see the entire thing, helmet, pants and socks included, but it looks like a solid alternate jersey initially. The navy blue is a nice change that isn't as played out as black alternate jerseys and the Clarendon numbers are a great way to recognize the past.

Some will question why the Bruins need an alternate uniform, but that is where college football is going, players like them and recruits like them so UCLA is right to get on board here, especially since they're doing it right and not wearing them against USC.

Of course, the athletic department still managed to botch alternate jerseys, even when the jersey isn't the problem because they forgot about the point of alternate jerseys -- excitement.

The alternate jerseys are supposed to come with fanfare, a fashion show, cool photos and interactive features utilizing every form of communication possible, social media included, to draw attention. UCLA didn't get the memo, though. News about the jerseys broke because the UCLA store put them up for sale online. On top of that, it originally said that they would be worn against Arizona for Homecoming, but was then changed to the Stanford game so the communication on dates can't even be nailed down.

It's a nice jersey, at least until we see the rest of the uniforms, but the rollout? Where's the excitement? Where's the organization? Where's the semblance of a competent, well-run athletic department? Still missing.

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