Spaulding Roundup: Jordon James, Myles Jack, Injuries & Other UCLA Notes

Redshirt junior Brandon Willis will be graduating early along with Luke Gane and Aramide Olaniyan. - Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Roundup of the UCLA football news from the day, heading into the big matchup on Saturday against Arizona State.

Happy Tuesday everybody. UCLA is headed into their biggest game of the season against the Arizona State Sun Devils. The Rose Bowl should be close to full for a game of this magnitude and the buzz should grow as the matchup is at 4:00 Pacific at the Rose Bowl and nationally televised on Fox.

This big story this morning with UCLA football is the Torian White situation, check out Achilles' post on that here.

That happened after Coach Mora had already addressed the media after practice this morning. Here is that video.

Coach Mora started off with addressing the Senior Day developments by saying that redshirt juniors Luke Gane, Aramide Olaniyan and Brandon Willis will be graduating early and celebrated during the festivities on Saturday at the Rose Bowl. Mora heaped praise on each player individually. Congratulations to all three and this just goes to further address the point that no one should ever worry about scholarship limits because things open up constantly.

Then talk turned to Tahaan Goodman's bump in playing time as the season has progressed, especially since he forced a big fumble on Bishop Sankey in last week's win over Washington.

Next question up was about ARizona State's diversely talented tandem of Marion Grice and DJ Foster. Both of those guys are players that would be outstanding fits in the UCLA offense, and can do a little bit of everything. Mora noted how the ASU offensive scheme is tailored to their strengths (it would sure be nice to be able to say about UCLA's offense).

Per usual, the running back situation was addressed. The injuries, Myles Jack, Paul Perkins, riding the hot hand, yadda, yadda, yadda. If you've watched these videos, you've heard this question and answer multiple times. For some reason, reporters continue asking if Myles Jack is going to feature more in the regular offense. He obviously isn't going to do that, but they keep asking every day.

It's November, no coach in his right mind is going to waste time in practice teaching an All-Pac-12 freshman linebacker how to pass block as a running back. It's a foolish concept, but they have to fill up their articles with something.

If, you want to hear Myles Jack say the same general things, here is a link to a video from Inside UCLA.

Jack reiterates how he is a linebacker, doesn't want to be a running back, that they only practiced this package before the Arizona game. Seriously, these reporters are ridiculous. He's been saying the same thing for two weeks. Leave it alone, he's a linebacker and an occasional short yardage back.

That's about it at this point in the day. Also, it was noted by Jack Wang on Twitter that Devin Fuller was full go in practice today after getting dinged up in the Washington game and that the Pac-12 refs apologized to Coach Sarkisian about the hands-to-the-face penalty that took away a touchdown from the Huskies. I'm sure that apology makes them feel much better up in Seattle. Pac-12 officiating is so bad in every sport it is not even surprising when they mess up anymore.

Until next time, Go Bruins!

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