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Full Coverage: Mora Rejects Washington to Stay With UCLA

Tracking the story of Jim Mora's potential "interest" in considering the opportunity of coaching his alma mater's football program at University of Washington.

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Mora (UCLA) > Petersen (UW) > LOLSark ($C)

University of Washington hires Boise State’s Chris Petersen after getting turned by UCLA’s Jim Mora.


WATCH: Mora's Vision of New Football-Facility

On the day Jim Mora recommitted to UCLA by agreeing to a 6 year extension of his current contract, his program released a new video with more information on UCLA’s new football training facility.


Mora Details on UCLA's K Extension

From which reports that Mora's 6 year K-extension is worth "more than $3 million annually":

Such a contract would put Mora among the top paid 12 to 15 coaches in college football.

Another requirement was an increase in his assistants' salaries. UCLA, according to sources, agreed to increase salaries of Mora's coaches by $1.3 to $1.5 million. An increase of that magnitude should put UCLA's staff among the top two paid staffs in the Pac-12.

A big factor in Mora returning was UCLA's recent commitment to building a new football-only facility. Key to this is UCLA recently securing a donor that will contribute a very large sum toward the construction of the facility.

Pretty clear that Jim Mora leveraged the heck out of this situation for the best interest of his staff and the UCLA football program. Big ups to him for recognizing the massive opportunity to and use it to get what he needs to make this program successful despite a mostly weak and inept leadership from UCLA administration (Dan Guerrero and Gene Block).

Oh and BTW. Thank you Pat Haden. LOLz.



Mora Rejects Washington to Boost UCLA

Jim Mora confirms what we already knew: UCLA > Washington.


Jim Mora's Monday Recruiting Trip in the Bay Area

One major bit of the fallout after Steve Sarkesian was announced as the new head coach at Southern Cal has been the created vacancy at Washington and the possibility that UW alum Jim Mora could leave UCLA to take over in Seattle. It might actually be that Mora's desirability to the folks up there has overshadowed Sark actually getting hired at SC.

Throughout the day, some media outlets covering the Huskies have been spreading rumors that Coach Mora was in Seattle, presumably talking with the UW administration about the opening. Problem is, much of the UCLA Football staff - including Mora - left for Northern California this morning, embarking on a multi-day recruiting trip. While media outlets close to UCLA have confirmed that Coach Mora has been recruiting in the Bay Area today - as have the recruits being visited - that has not been enough to silence the rumor mongers.

Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee - the high school sports reporter best known to us for his coverage of the Eddie Vanderdoes/Notre Dame saga - has been tweeting about Mora's wherabouts, specifically his physical presence in NorCal today and scheduled recruiting visits tomorrow.

Personally, I am more likely to trust a local reporter who is well dialed into the regional prep sports and recruiting scene than some random folks located several hundred miles away. But his conclusive statements were not enough for some of the UW fans following along, insisting that their athletic director was in close contact with Mora even if the initial reports that he was in the pacific northwest were false. Which led to this comment from Joe:

Of course it is possible that the UW athletic director has been on the phone with Coach Mora or his agent today, maybe he even caught a flight to Oakland or Sacramento tonight in hopes of scoring an in-person meeting late tonight or tomorrow morning. Heck, maybe the early reports are partially correct as Coach Mora sent a Tupac-at-Cochella style hologram of himself up to the Montlake to open negotiations.

But it remains that as of right now, Jim Mora is the Head Coach at UCLA, and along with most of his coaching staff is somewhere between San Francisco and Sacramento right now, recruiting his butt off for the Bruins. How do we know this?

Good night, and GO BRUINS!


Will Chianti Step Up to Retain Mora?

Some concerns emerge that UCLA’s reported “lack of commitment” to playing “big boy football” may cause Mora to seriously consider opportunities elsewhere – such as the head coaching job of his alma mater – University of Washington.


Does Mora's future rest in Guerrero's hands?

Let's hope not.  Because it's apparently no secret that our A.D. is a moron.

I have to admit there is a special allure of one's alma mater.  We'd likely all love to have a chance to get back to U.C.L.A. ourselves, right?

But personally, I would be very surprised if Mora left.  He's only been here for two years and it is through his efforts that all signs are really pointing up, so I bet Mora wants to see things through.  Besides that, he looks genuinely happy with Westwood and Los Angeles.  Having his parents nearby and able to attend games every week seems very important.  His son is playing soccer less than an hour away.  The advantages for playing football and recruiting are unparalleled. His words after beating down the trogans in their house sounded like someone truly invested in his football program.  Mora has a pretty good thing going in Westwood right now.

It all comes down to whether the U.C.L.A. job is worth staying for or not.  And that ultimately rests on Dan Guerrero's broad but unsculpted shoulders.  It is his job to ensure that the Bruins have everything they need to attract and keep the best, and that means both recruits and coaching staff.  With his "What's wrong with Spaulding?" attitude, we know that Dan is U.C.L.A.'s biggest weakness.  And if Mora finds the UW job more attractive than ours, then that failure is all on our lesser AD.

We can build better facilities, but we can't build a better Dan.


Football Notes: Myles Jack, Mora and UW

Southern Cal decided to go back to the past in hiring away Steve Sarkisian, opening up the UW job in the process and giving the media something to talk about re. Jim Mora.

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