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2013 NFL Draft: Tracking Our Bruins

Tracking possible selections of Bruins in the 2013 NFL draft.

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Wrapping Up the Bruins of the 2013 NFL Draft

Taking a look at the news surrounding the Bruins drafted and signed over the NFL's Draft weekend.


NFL Draft, Day 2 Open Thread: JetSki and others?

The NFL will continue its annual draft today as rounds 2 and 3 take place. The picks begin tonight at 3:30 PT and all the coverage, analysis, and random wild guesses will be on ESPN. The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock right now and will get the first pick of Round 2. Let's hope they get some help for our boy MJD. You can see the schedule of picks for today, prior to any rearrangement from trades, here.

Yesterday was a great day for U.C.L.A., with senior defensive lineman Datone Jones being selected #26 by the Green Bay Packers. Congrats to Datone and Bruins Nation wishes him a fantastic NFL career. There are more than a few BN'ers who are also diehard 49'er fans who may not be as thrilled to see Datone destroying particular quarterbacks in the NFC, but I'm sure we will all be cheering for him when he isn't playing our favorite teams.

Today should be the day for Johnathan Franklin. Whereas Datone was already a highly regarded pro prospect at the end of the college season, no Bruin's stock has risen further than JetSki's. From his play before and during the Senior Bowl, to burning a sub 4.5 in his 40 at the combine, and from his individual workouts to his personal interviews, the NFL has discovered just how impressive this young man is both on and off the field. Several draft experts have elevated him to the top running back in the draft, but since different teams have different needs, it remains to be seen when and where Franklin gets picked. Teams looking for a more bruising runner may look at Alabama's Eddie Lacy or Stanford's Stepfan Taylor. I do know that the Denver Broncos could really use an all-purpose running back like exactly like Jet (hint, hint, Elway!). No running backs were taken yesterday in the first round, a first since 1963 1967.

TE Joseph Fauria and OL Jeff Baca are the other Bruins most likely to be drafted today, though it may be a bit of a long shot for either of them to go today before the end of the third round. Fauria's talents are even more subject to the offensive style of a team. He is the kind of tight end who is best split out from the line and getting out into patterns matched against smaller DB's and slower LB's. Don't look for him to be picked by a power running smash mouth style of offense. Baca's versatility along the OL is an asset. He can fill any spot for a team looking for a lineman, and not exclusively a guard, where he played primarily in the 2012 season. Coach Mora noted one scout projected Baca as a center. Perhaps hiking the ball would help Jeff cut down on the false starts ;-). I kid, Jeff!

I so hope both of these Bruins get to begin their NFL journey today, but I won't be surprised if they have to wait until tomorrow. Also, Jeff Locke, Sheldon Price, and Aaron Hester have a very long shot at being called today but should be in play tomorrow.

This is our NFL Draft Open Thread. The League focused primarily on linemen on both sides of the ball yesterday (who tells you - "Line Wins Games"?) so look for teams to start gathering more skill players today. Share your thoughts, hopes, mockery of the Raidaaahs and a certain Southern Cal QB, and your own wild guesses in the comments below.

Here's an 8-Clap to hearing Johnathan Franklin's name early today! One! Two! Three! Four!...


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