2013 UCLA Spring Football Showcase: Open Thread

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Open thread tracking live UCLA spring football action from the Rose Bowl.

Let's get the party started here on BN. After about a month of practices (14 practices) Coach Jim Mora and our Bruins wrap up 2013 spring football with a "showcase" at the Rose Bowl tonight. Patroclus set up tonight's scrimmage preview here and there is not a whole lot to add to the detailed discussions we have had regarding practices and the general incompetence of our athletic department in promoting tonight's scrimmage here and here.

The game is going to be broadcast on Pac-12 TV Network (it's a pretty cool network even though having this means you will have to suffer through the agony of watching our cluster**** hoops program). The festivities I am sure are already in full swing at the Rose Bowl. Mora tweeted just a little while ago to declare it is already "rocking" at the Rose Bowl. But the broadcast (first time ever for UCLA football) will start in less than two hours around 5 pm PST.

I would keep the expectations in check in terms of enjoying a spring game. I have seen couple already (Oregon and Southern Cal) on the network. They are bland to watch as outsider. But I think if you are a hardcore junkie of the program (like most of us are here) the action today should be interesting.

Obviously it will be fun to see super stars such as Brett Hundley and Anthony Barr do their thing. It will also cool to check in on guys like Jordon James, Devin Lucien, Jordan Payton, Devin Fuller, Kenny Walker, Cassius Marsh, Jordan Zumwalt beyond reading reports and YouTube highlights. But I am also excited to see guys like Jerry Neuheisel, TJ Millweard, Malcolm Jones, Nate Iese, Fabian Moreau, and Kenny Orjioke in live action to see how they are progressing in the program.

There are many other things to watch of course. It would be interesting to see whether Dietrich Riley gets any action. I am also curious to see how our secondary looks and how the "running back by committee" works out against our defense.

Hopefully the Rose Bowl looks good on TV. If we had a competent AD, no doubt we get close to 50K at the Rose Bowl. I think we will get a solid crowd thanks exclusively to the efforts of a fired up leadership of a fully engaged head coach. But I will be shocked if it's a packed house give as usual Guerrero and his staff have done a pathetic job of promoting this on and beyond campus.

Anyways, should be fun. If you are watching the game fire away your thoughts in this open thread. If you have extended reflections please share them in the fanpost section. Those of you - who are at the game - have a great time and as always would love it if you share pictures and your personal notes/observations from the game.

Enjoy the open thread.


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