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Southern Cal's Coaching Search: Trojans Replace Kiffin with Sarkisian

Tracking Southern Cal's search for a new football coach as the Trojans end up replacing Lane Kiffin with his coaching twin Steve Sarkisian.

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Seattle Times Columnist Exposes Mediocre Sark (aka "Seven Win Steve")

Five years ago, if Washington had hired the best assistant from the staff of, say, Texas, and he’d gone 24-21 in league games at the UW, does he get a sniff from the Trojans? Or think about it like this: In the Apple Cup the other day, Washington State was at its own 28 with 5½ minutes left, down 20-17. If it had driven the length of the field, scored and won the game, and the Huskies go 4-5 in the league, can USC hire Sarkisian? If it can, then John McKay, John Wayne and Howard Jones just flinched, in unison, in their graves.

Bud Withers (The Seattle Times)

ICYMI - is not impressed with Southern Cal's new coach

Priceless screenshot on yesterday. #WOTT GO BRUINS.


Roundtable: Troy Destroyed, Pat's Panicked Hire

UCLA outclassed Southern Cal on the field on Saturday, prompting the panic hire of of a mediocre coach. Find out what our moderators have to say about it all.


Does Mora's future rest in Guerrero's hands?

Let's hope not.  Because it's apparently no secret that our A.D. is a moron.

I have to admit there is a special allure of one's alma mater.  We'd likely all love to have a chance to get back to U.C.L.A. ourselves, right?

But personally, I would be very surprised if Mora left.  He's only been here for two years and it is through his efforts that all signs are really pointing up, so I bet Mora wants to see things through.  Besides that, he looks genuinely happy with Westwood and Los Angeles.  Having his parents nearby and able to attend games every week seems very important.  His son is playing soccer less than an hour away.  The advantages for playing football and recruiting are unparalleled. His words after beating down the trogans in their house sounded like someone truly invested in his football program.  Mora has a pretty good thing going in Westwood right now.

It all comes down to whether the U.C.L.A. job is worth staying for or not.  And that ultimately rests on Dan Guerrero's broad but unsculpted shoulders.  It is his job to ensure that the Bruins have everything they need to attract and keep the best, and that means both recruits and coaching staff.  With his "What's wrong with Spaulding?" attitude, we know that Dan is U.C.L.A.'s biggest weakness.  And if Mora finds the UW job more attractive than ours, then that failure is all on our lesser AD.

We can build better facilities, but we can't build a better Dan.


Orgeron Feeling Dissed, Resigns ...

Any dream by trogan fans of keeping Ed Orgeron, a top recruiter and great defensive line coach, at South Central are now gone.

Believe me, I'm no apologist for Southern Cal, and no one needs more apologies than those guys in the first place.  But I also know something about fair play and right and wrong.  And the way Haden and Southern Cal dissed Coach 0 was pretty weak.

I think one can make a fair case for $C retaining Ed Orgeron as the full time head coach based on his record and how his players responded in the middle of that utter mess that Lane Kiffin created.  You can also make a lot of good arguments why Southern Cal should go with a splashier hire.

But the announcement today that the trogans hired 7 Win Sark from UW shows that Pat Haden never really considered Orgeron as a viable candidate, and has just been waiting for the season's end to pull the trigger.  It is crazy to consider what would have happened had Southern Cal beaten us on Saturday and how this would have looked, so you have to believe that Haden was secretly thrilled when the Bruins walked all over Orgeron's gutty little trogans on their turf.

Awesome, Haden rooting for the Bruins to win.

He might as well just keep that mindset.  It's gonna happen a lot


Jim Rome on Southern Cal: "This is who they are now."

Remember that part of the advantage that Southern Cal gained by firing Kiffen so early in the season was that Pat Haden had a couple of extra months to work the backchannels, feeling out which coaches would be interested in taking over at SC. In reality, Sark is a guy that Haden did not need more than a few minutes to identify and convince to come back to LA. Jim Rome certainly knows this, and realizes that for all the bluster and ego inherent in the typical trogan supporter, the SC job just isn't that big a deal.


Trojans - Not Barking for Sark!

We check out the Twitter stream of Scott Wolf, the long time Trojan lapdog, fanboy beat-writer. He is not happy:

Woof! (#BarkforSark!)

And we should also note this as our own bruinclassof10 recommended Sarkisian as a top tier coach just two days befor Halloween. We will go ahead and send a bill for "searching fees" to Heritage Hall. Your welcome guys.


Petersen Says No to $C; Sarkisian/Franklin Up Next

USC coaching search enters into desperation phase as another top target stays away from the Trojans who are now pursuing over-hyped Steve Sarkisian and unproven James Franklin to take over a program in shambles.


A Trojan Civil War?

A civil war is brewing in Southern Cal as the Trojans maybe divided over anointing Ed Orgeron as the permanent head coach of the football program.


Trojans Interview Jack Del Rio

Southern Cal has interviewed Denver's interim head coach Jack Del Rio for Trojan football program's open head-coach position.


Tracking Trojans: Lovie, DeRuyter & Coach ZERO

Update from Southern Cal’s ongoing coaching search as the Trojans move to 3-0 (in Pac-12 play) under Coach “O.”


Southern Cal Already Found its Next Head Coach?

Ed Orgeron makes his Case to have interim tag removed at Southern Cal with statement win over Arizona


Rumor: Tony Dungy Rejects Southern Cal

Cross one off the list. Longtime NFL coach Tony Dungy tells the Trogans "thanks but no thanks"


Jeff Tedford to Southern Cal?

Jeff Tedford’s name comes up in a prominent way during Southern Cal’s coaching search.


Unfinished Business: Trojan Coaching Candidates

Our suggestions for potential candidates to replace Lane Kiffin at Southern Cal.


Firing Lane: Not an Easy Way Out for Southern Cal

The Southern Cal faithful are up in arms and asking for Lane Kiffin's head, but their own expectations might be setting them up for failure.

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