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UCLA 35, Southern Cal 14: Full Coverage of Bruins' Trojan Conquest

Full coverage of UCLA's 35-14 domination of Southern Cal all over Trojans' home turf.

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Ring That Bell Bruins!

Bruins ring the Victory Bell at Pauley to celebrate their weekend of demolition of hapless Trojans.


Roundtable: Troy Destroyed, Pat's Panicked Hire

UCLA outclassed Southern Cal on the field on Saturday, prompting the panic hire of of a mediocre coach. Find out what our moderators have to say about it all.


Bruin Tweets: We Own This Town (and Twitter)

When it's UCLA -Southern Cal, everyone tunes in. More reactions to the UCLA victory over Southern Cal.


Bruins Destroy Troy - Official Highlights

Official video (sideline) highlights of Bruins' destruction of Southern Cal Trojans at the Los Angeles Coliseum.


Bruin Tweets: We Own This Town

Much jubilation on the twitters.


Loser Trojan Crybaby Whines About Mora's Peptalk

Anything to distract from the a$$ whipping the Trogans took last night


The Morning After, Part 12: Southern Cal

In what was our best all around performance of the year, the UCLA Bruins showed how far we have come, how far we can still possibly go, and the beauty and emotion that winning a game over Southern Cal brings.


"UCLA Runs LA, Everybody Knows That"

UCLA's superstar quarterback lets the country know on national TV what we all already knew - UCLA runs Los Angeles.


WATCH: Highlights of Bruins' Conquest of Troy

Video highlights of UCLA's 35-14 beatdown of Southern Cal


WATCH Jim Mora: It's "Brewin" in Westwood

In a fired up post-game presser Jim Mora lays it out for all blue chip recruits in Southern California and beyond - "if I Am A High school player, I'd want to play in UCLA right now."


WATCH: Bruins Celebrate Troy Burning

Video highlights of UCLA's celebration after Bruins dominate Southern Cal on Trojans' home turf.


Mora: "Our Little Boys Played Pretty Well"

Jim Mora didn't waste any time referencing what is now going to be Ed O's legendary pre-game quote (at least from our perspective) in his post-game presser:

We are going to have so so much on this in next few days but since the last thread is filling up here are couple of more images to spotlight frontcenter. First, our boys planting our flag on their logo:

And some celebration afterwards

If you have images, videos to share from the game, make sure to fanpost it or fanshot it - so that we can memorialize properly in our BeatSC hub.



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