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NCAA Men's Soccer Coaches Want a 9 Month Season

As NCAA men's soccer is bypassed with more frequency as a route for elite player development, the National Coaches Association is putting together a plan for a year-long schedule, instead of...

World Cup 2014 - Day Fifteen Open Thread


It's the fifteenth day of the World Cup and the final day of group stage action as the United States takes on Germany while Portugal and Ghana square off to decide the fate of all four teams in the...

World Cup '14 Day 14 Thread:France, Messi,the Bite


The World Cup is in its 14th day with many Superpowers falling, Latin America moving on, team U.S. making an impressive run, and France returning to championship form as the teams in groups E and F...

World Cup 2014: Group C and D Puzzles Solved Today

Eight more teams complete group play today. Can Costa Rica win Group C? Can Italy survive the challenge from Uruguay for the other Group C spot? Will Colombia take Group D? And will Côte d'Ivoire,...

World Cup 2014 - Day Twelve Open Thread


The World Cup is now a dozen days old and it's been both exciting (goals galore) and infuriating (conceding to Varela with seconds to go to have to settle for a tie), and we enter the final games...

World Cup 2014 - Day Eleven Open Thread


It's the eleventh day of the World Cup, with Belgium taking on Russia, followed by South Korea versus Algeria. Once that's out of the way, our boys in Red, White, and Blue will take on Portugal,...

World Cup 2014 - Day Ten Open Thread

With the Yanks returning tomorrow, we now turn to the tenth day of World Cup action, with Argentina taking on Iran, Bosnia playing Nigerian, and a big Group G battle between Germany and Ghana, with...

Italy and France In Action: 2014 World Cup Day 9


Italy v Costa Rica, Switzerland v France, and Ecuador v Honduras fill up Day 9 of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Big Names On The Brink: 2014 World Cup Open Thread


Like Spain yesterday, England and Uruguay face a must win game. It's the same for Greece and Japan, while Colombia and Ivory Coast fight for a spot in the quarters.

Can Spain Rebound? World Cup Day 7 Open Thread


The defending champs Spain need to rebound from an embarrassing loss against a promising Chilean team, and the Dutch look to continue their impressive play vs Australia in Group B, while Cameroon...

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