BREAKING: Blue Chip Alabama Linebacker Met Attractive Coeds During Recruiting Trip to UCLA

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A former UCLA blue-chip linebacker recruit who committed to Alabama makes some amusing comments about his recruiting trip to Los Angeles.

Former UCLA linebacker recruit from Alabama - Rashaan Evans - who ended up signing with the Crimson Tide, recently sat down with a local reporter and made some interesting comments about his recruiting experience in Westwood:

"A lot of guys my age would like to go to UCLA because it's L.A. and all that stuff," Evans said. "You're not going to be in college for 10 years. You're going to be there for just maybe three years depending on how you play. After that, I could live in L.A. my whole life. That's how I had to look at it."

But about that visit to UCLA he took in September...

"The glitz and glamour, going to the clubs and all that stuff," he said. "They threw the women at me and all that stuff. I had to kind of be like, 'Look, that's fun and all. You could have that every day at UCLA but at the same time, am I going to get my job done, am I going to get my work done and all that stuff and achieve my goals?'"

The Bruins remained in the picture all the way until National Signing Day, but there was enough skepticism about the distance and potential distractions to safely place them third in the pursuit for Evans. He took visits to Alabama and Auburn on back-to-back weekends in January before hosting the schools' coaches on various occasions as the deadline neared.

Evans's comments regarding his recruiting experience with UCLA seems a bit naïve, given the realities of big time recruiting in college football, especially in the SEC.

Let's not forget Mr. Evans eventually ended up signing with a school that employs a guy named Lane Kiffin, who came under NCAA scrutiny for the "use of recruiting hostesses," when he was the head coach at Tennessee.  It is also the same Alabama program who ended up hiring Tosh Lupoi as an "intern," who had been "dismissed from his role at Washington after allegations he offered the coach of a recruit money to pay for tutoring and classes to get the recruit academically eligible." Lupoi was eventually "cleared" of "any wrongdoing" by the NCAA.

There is also this. It is also hard to see how UCLA may have done anything crazier than the coaches at both Alabama and Auburn, who took part in a "dance off" in their all-out effort to recruit Evans.

Meeting attractive co-eds during a recruiting a trip at a school like UCLA. Yeah, that must be some kind of breaking news.  Good luck in Tuscaloosa, Mr. Evans.

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