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DrewCLA for Heisman Bandwagon is Growing ...

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All of a sudden the bandwagon of DrewCLA for Heisman Campaign is growing.  We told you yesterday SIonCampus (cool site but they need to do permalinks!) found our campaign.  Sportsline is on the DrewCLA bandwagon. ESPN now has the Bruin superstar on their Heismanwatch:

Last Performance -- Maurice Drew was at his best on Saturday doing a little bit of everything and simply dominating the game. He finished with 299 all-purpose yards and tied his own school record with five touchdowns -- three rushing, one receiving and one on a punt return. It's the kind of effort that makes a player a Heisman contender.

Last Game Stats -- Drew dominated the game with 299 all-purpose yards --162 on punt returns, 65 rushing, 52 receiving and 20 on a kickoff return -- and tied his own school record with five touchdowns in the 47-41 win over Cal.

Season Stats -- Drew has 66 carries for 376 yards and 8 TDs, 11 catches for 128 yards and 1 TD and 3 punt return TDs.
Of course HP has always been a fan of MJD, and this week he has Drew back on his "list"
Maurice Drew, UCLA--There was a time when Drew was the No. 1 darkhorse in this race. But, two subpar games sort of squelched his shot at blowing up the Heisman race by sheer numbers and performance. As of now, he only has 376 rushing yards on the season, which means he will be lucky to get to 1,000 at this rate. If the focus on Drew is his all-purpose efforts, he will also likely fall short of what Reggie Bush is doing this year numbers-wise. His best chance in the Heisman race is to keep having incredible games while UCLA goes undefeated. Then, if he leads them to a win over USC, he'd have a good shot. Most likely, though, he would just be the spoiler, the one knocking out the USC guys from contention. But he would finish no worse than top five in the race.
Lastly, looks like a certain prominent subscription based Bruin message board site is jumping in on the fun, eventhough we launched the campaign like weeks ago:

HEISMAN CANDIDATE Maurice Drew blowing past hapless, no name Texans (photo credit - Lori Shepler / LAT)

Welcome aboard guys.  DrewCLA for Heisman.