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Upcoming Trip to the Pacific Northwest ...

So on Saturday I summoned up the ghosts of No. 18 and No. 8 to fire up the DO. But all he needs to do to win this Saturday - play like No. 15. Remember no. 15? Oy vez:

I sure do!  Yes, we haven't beaten the Cougs since, well since the days I was getting hammered at those sweet parties at 527 Midvale - 1993:

UCLA players do not have to search hard for motivation this week in preparation for Saturday's game at Washington State.

The Bruins have lost four in a row to the Cougars and haven't won in Pullman since 1993. UCLA's last trip there -- two years ago -- ended with taunts from Washington State fans who got inside the Bruin locker room after the Cougars' 31-13 victory.
Speaking of taunts, according to Bruin safety - those hicks from Pullman apparently went "racial" on him and few other players during our last time up at that god awful place:
UCLA strong safety Jarrad Page said among the many things that make Washington State a difficult place to play are racial slurs, which the senior said Monday were directed at him during his last visit to Martin Stadium.

Page also said Wazzou fans also threw objects at the Bruins during their 2003 trip to Pullman, Wash., and several fans tried to enter UCLA's locker room after the 31-13 defeat to taunt the players.

"It's everything, from racial comments to all that type of stuff," said Page, who is African American. "But it all doesn't matter. ... That's even more reason to go out there and whoop somebody. They do the whole nine (yards) up there. If you're not ready for that, that can be disturbing and get out off track."
I am not surprised to hear this about those Pullman characters.  But Jarrad just needs to deal with it. Washington State fans are definitely not the worst clowns in college football (or in college sports).  I am sure there are quiet a few redneckvilles (Corvallis anyone?) in college landscape who'd be engaging that kind of low life behavior.  I just hope we can stay focus ... drive the ball up and down the Martin field, and shut those idiots up - so they can go back to milking cows, playing with gay sheep, or whatever they do up there in the Pacific Northwest.  We should be able to win this type of game all the time.  We are playing against bunch of athletes, lot of them we didn't want anything to do with.  So they will have chip on their shoulder.  So what?  BFD ... this is the kind of game a good coaching staff will have their players focused, come in, and play like cold assassins ... having ice water flow through their veins.  Bruins must win this game.