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Hump Day News Summary

Apparently, there's Just One Idiot running around Pullman Washington lobbing racial slurs at people according to WSU head coach Larry Doba. I sure hope they catch him before the team arrives.

You're killing me Larry.

Dohn also discusses how Cal only had 10 men on the field for UCLA's fake punt call, and also breaks the good news that DT Brigham Harwell is expected to play Saturday. Great news, because we need every man, woman and child available to help remove that Pullman monkey from our back.

Lonnie White at the LAT has a nice piece about our 2-headed attack at running back, with Chris Markey and Maurice Drew.

White has another article on UCLA's passing attack, and observes that UCLA has no WR in the top 20 of the PAC 10 in catches or receiving yards, despite their potent passing attack. Who cares--just keep winning. White also has some good news on the injury front, as talented FS Chris Horton is close to being cleared to return to practice.

Kuwada at the OCR opines that the UCLA's WRs Must Help Free Up Marcedes Lewis. After Marcus Everett's huge catch against 2 Cal DB's on Saturday, opposing D's will have to start paying more attention to the other playmakers on the field.

Finally, major props to the Angels, who have traveled from New York to Anaheim to Chicago in a span of 3 days while disposing of the Evil Empire and taking Game 1 of the ALCS. What is the MSM going to do with no Yankees and Red Sox? Can Sports Center even continue?

Stay tuned as the Hunt for a Red October continues.