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Moving on up - Bruins at no. 11 in blogpoll (week 7)

Bruins move up to number 11 in this weeks blogpoll.  That is exactly where had the Bruins at. Here is how we voted:

1. Texas (Beating Sooners? Muchado about nothing)
2. Southern Cal
3. Virginia Tech (SuC like first half performance)
4. Georgia (boring game)
5. FSU (didn't watch the game, but doesn't sound all that impressive)
6. Alabama (they are still drinking in T-Town)
7. Miami-FL (no comment)
8. Florida (kind of a boring win)
9. Notre Dame (already getting annoying)
10. Penn State (still love their helmets)
11. UCLA (will break my heart again)
11. LSU (no comment)
13. Ohio State (getting exposed?)
14. Tenn. (they may not last long in the top-25)
14. Cal (even the great coaches can screw up)
16. Texas Tech (good win on the road, but it's Nebraska)
17. Boston College (steady in Chestnut Hill)
17. Auburn (not paying any attention to them)
19. Michigan State (bet they lost to OSU this weekend)
20. Minnesota (great win but classless post game celebration)
21. Oregon (Smelloti having a good season)
22. Wisconsin (must have borrowed UCLA's Rose Bowl defense for their last game)
23. Louisville (need to rank someone here)
24. Colorado (here come the strippers!)
25. Arizona State (demoralized but still worthy of top 25?).

Dropped out: Michigan, Georgia Tech and Nebraska

New: Oregon, Louisville and Colorado

Games we watched: Syracuse at UConn; Va at BC; Marshall at Va Tech;Wisconsin at Northwestern;Oklahoma v. Texas;Arizona at USC; Georgia at Tenn; OSU at PSU; Cal at UCLA

Disaree with us? Then fire away.