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Focusing on the Cougs

Lonnie White's article today is about Cable, who has Northwest connections, and his focus on the game.  

The article also discusses Lewis's recent lack of receptions, although I don't find Dorrell's explanation entirely satisfactory, but at least both Dorrell and reporters are aware of it.  

The Cougars, of course, have been tough for the Bruins of late, and paragraphs like these only heighten my concern:

UCLA's defense, which is giving up 400.2 yards a game, will be tested against Washington State, which is averaging 506 yards of total offense per game, eighth-best in the nation.

"They've had one of the better offenses over the years," UCLA defensive coordinator Larry Kerr said. "You talk about a balanced attack ... they can do everything, run and pass."

Running back Jerome Harrison leads the Pacific 10 in rushing, gaining 148.2 yards a game, and quarterback Alex Brink established a school single-game record with 531 yards passing against Oregon State on Oct. 1.

Dohn has a profile on Brigham Harwell and the obstacles he's overcome.  It's pretty amazing.  

And the Drew admiration society (we're not only the president, we're members) continues with Kuwada's article:

They can see the guys in the other uniforms collapse. They can hear the crowd roar. But if they get a glimpse of Maurice Drew, it is just a blur.

The spin move that had San Diego State's Brandon Bornes grasping at air and set Drew on his way to a 72-yard yard touchdown. The cut that Drew made through a gaping opening against Rice that led to 66 yards and into the end zone. The juke that buckled a Cal defender and freed Drew to sprint 81 yards with a punt for yet another score.

Dennis Keyes never saw any of it. Eric McNeal never saw any of it. UCLA's punt return team doesn't get a chance to stand and watch. And if they did, there wouldn't be any point in one of their more pleasant Sunday afternoon appointments.

Watching the film.

"Yeah, we've got to wait ...," Keyes said.

"But it's real fun," McNeal added.

It's real fun to watch Drew, and this is a pretty fun article, even if it's a bit of a puff piece, it's well written.  But way down in the article, there is some useful information, specifically, that the Cougs and their punter Kyle Basler have been solid in the kicking game.