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TGIF News Summary

Dohn at the LAT has a small feature on UCLA safety Dennis Keyes and how he has developed into legitimate PAC 10 safety.

Kuwada at the OCR reports that OL coach and OC Tom Cable is trying to step up the OL play, especially that of Sr. Mike McCloskey.

Kuwada also reports that speedy WSU WR Jason Hill is doubtful for Saturday's game. Good news for the Bruin D.  

Kevin Pearson of the PE has a piece on the difficulty playing in Pullman:

Then there are the fans.

The visiting team has a long walk through a herd of fans to reach Martin Stadium. The visitors' bench is practically in the third row of the stands and, as many UCLA players know, the Cougars' fans are not the most friendly in the conference.

"They do their homework," running back Maurice Drew said. "It will be horrible. My freshman year, one guy started yelling at me, then he threw something at me and started cussing at me like he wanted to fight me. I was like, 'Man, where I'm from, you don't take that.' "

In 2002, ESPN's Mel Kiper rated Martin Stadium the sixth-toughest venue for opposing teams in the nation.

Hearing about all of the hillbillies in Pullman makes the prospect of beating them that much sweeter. Oh and there's also that whole 6-0 thing...

And for some news from the other side, the Seattle Post Intelligencer's  "Go 2 Guy" is predicting a WSU upset based on the premise that:

There is no reason to believe this will happen, which is why it will.

Let's hope logic prevails.

Go Bruins!