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Must Win Saturday

Checking in from West Coast.  Sorry for not being incommunicado this week ... but looks like O and A are doing a bang-up job of keeping this place rocking.  As I said before ... last weekend was nice ... but it is really how we finish this season.

I know at this point it sounds like a total cliché about how every game being the most important/judgment game, blah blah blah, but that is how it is and what college football or even basketball (considering how important those tournament seedings turn out to be - that's for Jan/Feb discussion away) is all about.

It is about withstanding pressure week to week.  And, this season, being KD's money season, the show me season, he and the team will have to go through it each and every week.

We have not beaten the Cougs. up there at Hickville since 1993.  And if this UCLA team truly want to distinguish itself the mediocre era or Donahue (later years), Toledo (sans McNown), and last two years, then we must win tomorrow.

I know our defense is hurt.  The DL is young.  But our offense should be ready to go.  If things truly are different year, then we should a calm, cool, collective Drew Olson come out and lead his boys out to couple of nice, long, clock eating drives right from the get go and put up 10-14 points through first two drives.  We would like to see a D ... hang in there ... stiffen up in the red zones, and limit those guys (who are apparently having some QB issues) ... to field goals.

Again ... tomorrow's game is going to be a "tough out" (shoot me  for using a Lavinism).  But we must win, if we want to keep claiming things have changed.  Otherwise most of the good vibes generated from first 5 wins, in that gray and dreary Northwest afternoon.  It will be the same old shit all over again.  Let's hope KD can keep this baby going.  Yet ... another MUST WIN SATURDAY.