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Thursday News Roundup

Brian Dohn at the LADN has a nice feature on Marcus Everett, one of the best athletes that UCLA has had in a few years.

Apprently, Coach Howland sought out Everett's services when the depth at point guard was becoming a concern for the UCLA basketball program last season, and although Dorrell OK'd Howland's request, Everett made the decision to establish himself as a football player first. So far so good, as Marcus has been a clutch player for the Bruins.

Kevin Pearson from the Riverside Press Enterprise has a piece that may explain why UCLA LB Justin London has played below his ability so far this season. London's ankle is still not 100%, and hasn't been right since his surgery las season. Justin is doubtful for Saturday, and we are pulling for his to make a full and swift recovery, but it doesn't look too promising at this point. This defense cannot afford to lose anymore players. Hopefull one of the youngsters can step up and fill in.

Pearson also reports that Drew Olson has been named a finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. The similarities to 1998 continue, as Cade McNown won the same award that year. It's nice to see Drew getting some national recognition, as he is having a phenomenal season.

Pearson also reports that UCLA TE Marcedes Lewis was tapped as the National TE of the Week by the Nassau County Sports Commission, which chooses the John Mackey Award recipient at the end of the season.

Pearson also reports that Soph OL Chris Joseph is out for the seaon with a knee injury, and Lonnie White at the LAT discusses how Robert Cleary has stepped up and filled in well for Joseph.

White also has a piece on UCLA's all-everything OLB Spencer Havner. As bad as our run D is, imagine how bad it would be without Spencer. Spencer is looking to get back on track after a substandard performance last week.

Robert Kuwada from the OCR has an article describing how, despite their 6-0 start, UCLA is
Still Tinkering with "some issues" that could very well come back to haunt them. It's good to see that the coaches are not resting on that impressive start.

Finally, for a report from behind enemy lines, The Corvallis Daily Barometer (yeah, I had to read that again too) has an article on OSU's Balanced Attack.

Go Bruins.