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Friday News Summary

Just one more day until UCLA gets it's shot at 7-0. However, they'll have to do so with 2 true freshman playing up the middle on defense, as true freshman LB John Hale has been moved from the outside to the inside spot, where he'll be lining up much of the game behind true freshman DT Chase Moline and RS freshman DT Kenneth Lombard. Look for the pass-happy OSU offense to try to establish the run between the tackles early. Fortunately, LB Justin London, who was doubtful earlier this week, will play a limited amount of snaps.

BN's favorite LAT society columnist Bill Plaschke has a piece on former UCLA head coach Bob Toledo, who nearly lead UCLA to the national championship game in 1998. Now, Toledo can't even get a call back from UNLV.

Ben Bloch has a feature on Marcus Everett here.

The OCR's Kuwada has a piece on Dorrell's focus on cleaning the underbelly, and makes a subtle hint that Matt Moore's departure was part of that process. (Matt left UCLA, he was not dismissed).

Finally, the Corvallis Gazette-Times reports that OSU RB Yvenson Bernard is ready to play after a 42 carry outing against Cal where he went for 185 yards. The Gazette also has a piece on UCLA's penchant for the 4th quarter comeback.

I'll be at the game tomorrow, so I will hopefully have some photos to post next week. Can't wait to tailgate with friends at the Mecca of college football.

Go Bruins!