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HOMECOMING Game Day Open Thread ...

D J Shockley goes down in the Georgia game.  Let's hope the kid is ok, but just something to keep an eye on as Georgia's game today and the season unfolds.  Our focus is on the Beavers.  We haven't mention this yet.  Today is also homecoming:

AP Photo: Reed Saxon

Here is a quick primer statwise for today's game, courtesy of Dohn:

Stat talk: OSU is 95th out of 117 Division I-A teams in rushing offense (106.8 yards per game), and UCLA is 114th in rushing defense (229.7). The Beavers are eighth in passing offense (321.8) while UCLA's passing defense is 39th with a rating of 117.38.

Meanwhile, UCLA's passing offense is 23rd (274.5) and OSU's passing efficiency defense is 98th at 141.11. The Bruins are sixth in scoring (43.3 points per game) and OSU is 102nd in scoring defense (33.2).

Also, OSU has lost its last six games against top 10 teams, and last defeated a top-10 team on the road when it beat No. 2 Purdue 22-14 in 1967.
This is our open thread for game day. Fire away. GO BRUINS.