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Heismans of Westwood ...

Photo credit: the OC Register

You are not going to hear our stars - the two Drews talk about it.  But it is time for the nation to start paying due attention to our two offensive superstars, our leaders - Drew Olson and Maurice Drew, who are having spectacular seasons.  No these guys are not the types who will be showboating somersaulting into the end zone or go Hollywood by showing up at underwear parties in Tinsel town. They are chipping away - setting UCLA up for that game on December 3rd. Again if the pundits need a reminder, read this again (via BP):

Did you know that Olson has thrown five more touchdown passes with two fewer interceptions than USC's Matt Leinart?

Nearly as compelling is the comparison between the Trojans' likely Heisman winner and the Bruins' running back who will be fortunate to attend the ceremony.

Reggie Bush has 1,422 total yards and 13 touchdowns.

Drew has 1,299 total yards and 16 touchdowns.
Of course MJD is not the type, who will be striking the Heisman pose or somersaulting into the end zone to get this ESPN highlight reel in.  He is too humble and too gracious to bring attention upon himself. And, there is Drew Olson, having a better season than the ballroom dancer across town, quietly evolving into one of the special QBs in Bruin history, slowly developing his legacy in Westwood:
I know you could probably get arrested around these parts for suggesting as much, but Bruins quarterback Drew Olson is having a better year than his Trojan counterpart.

Saturday he did something no Bruins quarterback -- not Troy Aikman, not Cade McNown, not anyone -- had done. He passed for six touchdowns against the Beavers, giving him 21 for the season. He has thrown only three interceptions all year, none Saturday while completing 16 of 24 passes for 262 yards.

The UCLA senior is living out his football fantasy.

"Coming into this year, I just had so much confidence," said Olson, who, for the first time in four weeks, didn't have to drive the Bruins from behind in the fourth quarter. "I really expected to play much better."

Better is one thing. Heisman-worthy is another. He has played himself into contention for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, which goes to the nation's top senior quarterback.

"It's pretty cool to get recognition because we haven't had players around here mentioned that much," he said. "But that stuff is for after the season. I'm just playing for the guys on this team right now."

When the Heisman came up, he preferred lobbying for Maurice Drew.

"Naw," he said. "That's for Maurice.

"That's across the locker room over there, for the little man. He can take all that stuff."
Well they can both take that stuff.  UCLA PR department needs to get in a full frontal campaign mode to boost the chances of these Bruin superstars, so that they get their due props, and get to attend the ceremony in New York City.  They are not going to campaign for it, but we sure can.  Time to blast those email alerts to the talking heads of ESPN, CNNSI et al., so they realize what is going on in Westwood - two superstars clad in blue and gold, putting up Heisman seasons.