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From the diaries: Thanks for writing this up ucla2k3. I was at that game. I flew out crosscountry from the East Coast for this game, and it was my first time on a plane since 9/11. I remember the miserable feelings we all were experiencing at the Halloween parties that weekend. And stories of players laughing and joking, and babbling on their cellphones (Hello Ricky Manning) made that Sunday even worse. Of course everything went down the toilet the following two weeks thanks to SUV/DUI gate. As I wrote before ... lot of demons to exorcise this Sat. Go Bruins. - N

I remember that last Saturday in October 2001. That game will forever be burned in my memory. UCLA was 6-0 with a #3 BCS ranking. We went up to Stanford and laid one of the biggest eggs in school history. We would finish the season 7-4. We went from national title contender to laughingstock. DeShaun Foster's Heisman dreams shattered as a result of an SUV scandal engineered by a Trojan.

Fastforward four years later after much misery and suffering, the road we take up to Stanford on Saturday looks all too familiar. For some reason, history likes to repeat itself. Here we are, #6 in the BCS with a 7-0 record with national title aspiration and our running back a contender for the Heisman. Deja vu! All of us better cross our fingers and pray every night. If our season ends, it ends this Saturday. Which road will our team take? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Or is another historic collapse slowly in the making? I'm afraid to find out.

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