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Slight of Drew Olson (and UCLA)

Predictably HP is shooting down our talk of Drew Olson as being a legitimate Heisman trophy candidate.  We expected that.  lol HP of course is more tied to the fate of Matt Lienert, who he has been touting (deservedly so) as one the Heisman favorites from beginning of the season.  But his whole comparison of Drew Olson to Hawaii's QB is a bit silly. Really not necessary.  And actually it is hard to understand why he is so eager to shoot down any talk of Olson being a Heisman candidate, considering he didn't seem to have any problem with Sparty's Drew Stanton being in a top-10 list just a week ago, and he is still excited about Brady Quinn. BQ hasn't beaten anyone really (ask Joey et al. about what they think of their maze and blue, while ND's other "big win" was against the Boilermakers, who are turning out to be the bottom feeders in the Big-10). And of course Quinn's team lost to Michigan State at home. ROFL So right now Olson's wins over Cal, Washington State (on the road), and even the Sooners look lot more impressive than wins over Michigan, Purdue and a loss to pathetic MSU.

Again Olson is having a better season than Lienart :

If voting were held today, Olson might deserve to be the All-Pac-10 quarterback instead of Leinart, even though Leinart remains a prime Heisman contender. Olson is ranked fifth nationally in passing efficiency, two spots ahead of Leinart, whose 16-to-5 TD-to-interception ratio is not as good as Olson's 21-to-3. Both head up unbeaten teams, and Olson has led the Bruins to three fourth-quarter comeback victories with less offensive help than Leinart has.
So, why does HP have a problem with mentioning Drew Olson prominently just like Quinn? Again right now Drew has had a better season than Leinert. Yes, sorry ... we are not all that impressed with a last minute win over an over-rated Notre Dame team. Anyways, again the national attention Leinert has been getting the whole season is much deserved. He after all is the reigning national champion and Heisman winner.  But it is time the East Coast based media wankers, start paying attention not only to Maurice Drew, but also to Drew Olson. And, HP will agree with us in saying so far the (East Coast based) media hasn't paid any attention to UCLA:
First off, I don't think the East Coast watches UCLA at all. Whatever the case, it's hard to swallow whole this notion that the burden of proof is tougher on teams coming off hard seasons when the media trampled over itself in proclaiming Alabama to be 'back' after beating Florida and nearly went ga-ga when Penn State beat Ohio State. What was Alabama's record last year? Um, 6-6. And we all know how PSU was. I bet Woody Paige would at least manage to score a touchdown against Tennessee. Or at least a couple touchdowns on Ole Miss. (Oh, and why is Tennessee still ranked, pray tell? Must be that bias again.) But, UCLA goes 7-0 and people yawn because they give up yards on defense. Well, at least they can score.
Yeap, we sure can score.  Because we have one of the top-3 quarterbacks in the country, who should currently be one of the top-5 Heisman contenders (along with his team-mate Maurice Drew) in the country. GO Bruins