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Two Live Drew

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Look who is on Sportsline's CFB homepage:

Dennis Dodd is starting to get it:

Those kids on the undefeated team from L.A. are making a mockery of the Heisman race. Bruins -- that's right, UCLA -- Maurice Drew and Drew Olson have a chance, if they beat you know who, says Dennis Dodd.
Looks like Mark Dellins is on it - blasting emails (a 6 pager) out to sportswriters across the country on our Heismans of Westwood. Dodd goes even further, pointing out the uncomfortable truth that so far this season the Olson/Drew combo has been a little more effective than the Lienart/Bush one (emphasis mine):
*Drew leads the nation in punt returns averaging a Reggie Bush-like 30.9 yards.
What Dellins won't say: Bush is averaging only 12.5 yards and finally scored his first punt-return touchdown Saturday; Drew has three.

*Olson leads the Pac-10 in pass efficiency.
What Dellins won't say: Leinart doesn't. (Actually he is second)

*UCLA has three big-time comebacks of its own against Washington, California and Washington State.
What Dellins won't say: It's hard to compete against heart-rending nationally televised USC classics at Oregon, Arizona State and Notre Dame.

*UCLA has lost one fumble all season.
What Dellins won't say: Bush had a span last year when he fumbled in five consecutive games.
Excellent. We need to stay on this. Of course MJD should be in top-5. We know that. It's not news to us that no. 21 is right now the best player in the Pac-10 if not the nation. But, it's time the nation pays attention to Drew Olson, who should replace Brady Quinn in that 4 or 5 spot of the Heisman race. There should be 2 UCLA Drews, not 1 right now slotted for the top-5 spots in this Heisman Race. Keep at it guys. Keep blasting those emails touting our Heismans of Westwood.