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Pete Carroll to NFL talks get LOUDER

I wonder what is PC telling Trojan recruits these days ... that he is coming back next year to USC? lol Well ... where there is smoke, there is fire:

Without question, Carroll has been monitoring the pending head-coaching vacancies in the NFL. He has been communicating almost weekly with a high-ranking NFL executive about situations league-wide. And it's not about really leaving USC, a job he loves, it's about financial security for himself and his children forever.

And who better to promote a transplanted, long-on-losing franchise to fans in Los Angeles than Pete Carroll? He'd be the perfect salesman, considering even the league worries that fans in Los Angeles would prefer an expansion team.
Of course this makes a lot of sense. Right now if you are an elite high school football player considering playing for Carroll at USC or say a better school across town, you really have to ask yourself serious questions about this guy's use car salesman pitch about all the Trojan Family non-sense. The first chance he gets, he is going to bolt for the NFL.  Of course he was a miserable failure as an NFL head coach, and he rode the Palmer/Chow/Leinart gravy train last four years, which is going to end this year.  And now UCLA is perhaps reestablishing itself and ND is settled under Weiss. Carroll is hearing footsteps and it's not a surprise he is plotting an escape from that piece of shit school in South Central Los Angeles.  Again ... beware Trojan recruits (and their headcoaches) about the sighting of an used car salesman in maroon and gold in your high schools in California and beyond.