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Pigskin Post blog's Pac-10 wrap

Pigskin Post's Matthew Smith has this page which somewhat looks like a blog (?). Anyways Matt posted his wrap up on last weekend's Pac-10 games. His take on our game is fairly on point again:

The Huskies really stepped it up and stuck it to a UCLA squad that clearly came out extremely flat. In the end, though, the Bruins had too much talent to be denied, and gutted out a win that was much closer than anyone expected.
What to take from this:
If you're Washington:
It's a really, really nice performance for the Huskies. Last year, teams could snooze through their games against U-Dub and still coast to an easy win. It's looking like the Huskies can at least sometimes give teams a scare when they look past them. A couple more close games like this and they might be able to pull out one or two. This team may actually be growing up before our eyes.
If you're UCLA:
There's just no justification for this kind of a stinker. It's the first legimitately bad game they've played so far, and the issues which dogged them here didn't bother them anywhere else, so it could well have been just "one of those games". Another one of those games, however, will get their asses kicked next week when the Bears come into town.
So Washington got a moral victory! After we got our moral victory against USC, they got really pi$$ed of and went on to slaughter the Sooners, who haven't been the same since.  How are the Bruins are going to react next weekend in our house?  Is this year truely going to be something different, something different or is it going to be same old song of last three (check that last seven) years.