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Monday Morning News Roundup

Dohn looks into our only bright spot from Saturday night - Drew Olson's second half:

Olson did something he did not do in season's past. He went 20 of 26 for 210 yards, no interceptions and two touchdowns in the second half.

"That's real big because now everyone has faith in the quarterback that when it's on the line, he can go out there and lead the team," UCLA strong safety Jarrad Page said. "He was accurate on his passes. That's important. Even as a defense, we look out there and say, 'That's all right, Drew's got us. He's going to lead the team down there and score.' "

Olson's play was impressive on UCLA's final two scoring drives. He went 6 for 6 for 46 yards on an 80-yard touchdown drive to pull the Bruins within 17-14 early in the fourth quarter.

When UCLA began its last drive with 3:39 to play on its own 27-yard line, Olson again was masterful, and more importantly, confident. His first pass was knocked down at the line, but he completed his next six, including a 5-yarder to Andrew Baumgartner on fourth down to prolong the drive.

And once the Bruins got into range for a tying field goal, Olson continued with solid reads and pinpoint throws. He connected for 12 yards to Chris Markey out of the backfield, and seven more to Gavin Ketchum to move to Washington's 1-yard line. Maurice Drew's 1-yard dive with 1:08 to play was the only run on the game-winning drive as Olson completed 6 of 7 passes.

"We knew (Olson) had it in him," Lewis said. "Drew, man, there's nothing I can really say about that dude. He delivers."
Olson saved the night no doubt.  The question is will he able to deliver in same kind of situations against good teams like Cal and ASU we will be facing during rest of the season.

Speaking of this week's opponent, Dorrell lets us in on a HUGE SECRET! - Cal is going to provide us with toughest test of the season.  Cal is going to be a scary game.  Considering the nightmarish performance our defense put up against one of the worst running attacks in the Pac-10 on Saturday, wonder what scheme Kerr will be devising to stop not just Marshawn Lynch, but equally scary Justin Forsett, who has had huge games in absence of the Bear's superstar running back.  Also complicating matters is injury to Dragovic, one of the key members of our embattled defensive line.  Kerr will have to earn his money in Westwood this week. Stay tuned.