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Bruins Nation's Blogpoll Ballot - Week 6 (Updated)

[UPDATE 1:18 pm EST]Blogpoll is up. UCLA moves up a spot to no. 18. Check out the details here.

So this how we voted on our blog poll this week after our discussion and internal voting:

1 Texas (no reason to knock them down to no. 2)
2 Southern Cal (thanks Sam Keller)
3 Virginia Tech (Baby Vick growing up)
4 Georgia
5 Ohio State
6 Florida State
7 Alabama (can't imagine the party going on last Sat. at Houndstooth!)
8 Tennessee
9 Miami-FL
10 LSU (may not last in top-10 very long)
11 Cal (Hippies are coming to town)
12 Notre Dame (will they end the streak?)
13 Florida (power outage for the Urbanator?)
14 Wisconsin (Bary Alvarez thankfully for UCLA in his last year)
15 Arizona State (CHOKE)
16 Penn State (could be a fluke, but a great start)
17 Boston College (steady)
18 Auburn
19 Michigan State
20 UCLA ("one game at  a time" - yeah right)
21 Texas Tech
22 Michigan (give us Lloyd Carr!)
23 Georgia Tech
24 Minnesota
25 Nebraska (not buying it, but we have to rank someone!)

Out from last week: Iowa State, Virginia

In this week: Nebraska, Penn State

Games we watched::Florida at Alabama: UMich at MSU; Wisconsin at Indiana; USC at ASU; ISU at Nebbie; Minnesota at PSU; ND at Purdue; Va Tech. at West Virginia; Texas A&M/Baylor: Arizona at Cal; Washington at UCLA; San Jose State/Nevada, and Toledo v. Fresno.

Fire away your thoughts.

Will update this post later today, when the blogpoll is out ...