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Three more experts pick the Bears to win tomorrow.  From CFR:

In a Pac-10 game people are actually paying attention to, California travels to the Rose Bowl to face UCLA.  A lot of the pundits are picking the Bruins.  I've got a problem with that.  The Bears won big last year, but lost in overtime in 2003 when they didn't know how good they were.  There's little doubt that the Bears are down from last year, but they're still pretty good.  I have a hard time seeing Karl Dorell outcoach Jeff Tedford, especially after a performance like last week.  Thing is, even Las Vegas disagrees with me, so maybe I'm nuts here.  This one should be fun to watch (Maurice Drew, Marcedes Lewis, Marshawn Lynch/Justin Forsett, Donnie McCleskey, Spencer Havner), so just do your best to stomach the TBS coverage and see how these teams approach the game.  You know I'm picking the Bears here, but UCLA should find ways to threaten for a while.
From SMQ:
SMQ still knows little about UCLA, who smashed Oklahoma but had a harder time dealing with Washington. And no one knows anything about Cal yet, unless they are willing to draw conclusions from Arizona and New Mexico State film. One amazing statistical note: the Bears, supposedly one of these sophisticated West Coast passing teams, have two players, Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch, averaging more than 100 yards per game and another, Marcus O'Keith, who averages 79 per game and almost 12 yards per carry. Mmm, that's good rushing. Oh, and they still average about 200 passing, too.
CAL 34, UCLA 21
And, lastly from CNNSI's John Walters:
No. 10 California (5-0) at No. 20 UCLA (4-0)
These two have more in common besides being California's other undefeated Pac-10 teams. There's the obvious ursine connection between the Golden Bears and the Bruins. Then there's both schools' unrelenting commitment to the cursive form, as the helmets bear (no pun intended) witness. No one outside of Berkeley or Westwood seriously thinks either of these two will be back in Pasadena come January, but I guarantee this game will be entertaining.
California 33, UCLA 31
Cal has all the reasons to feel good as Tedfords boys roll into Westwood tomorrow night.  But Dorrell will have no excuse.  He has all the talent (and I am not going to provide a link here expounding on the point on how much talent we have to be a top-10/15 team, because we have gone over this point here like what millions of times). He needs to win a game like this at home, infront of a packed house, and a sold out student section:

Photo source: the Daily Bruin

KD has to win this game. And judging from our poll results on the right, the Nation expects him to win.  No excuses.  No more moral victories.  Just end the agony of underachievement, and beat an elite team (not a washed up, rebuilding team like the Sooners) on our home turf for once. GO BRUINS.