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Why Not Us

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WHY NOT US? Just two weeks ago, still recovering from the heart attacks from the Washington State game, I wrote this:

I know better not to get my hopes up yet.   I have not only been through Washington State games of 88 and 97, I also got to experience December 5, 1998.   I don't need add anything more to that date, if you are member of this Nation, you know.  And of course, I was also at the Stanford game four years ago, when our 6-0 start imploded at that parking lot in Paolo Alto (aka Stanford football stadium), setting the program into a nightmarish 1-4 tailspin, disgraced, sullied, and left in the dust after a shut out at the South Central.

And now, four years later - here we go again. Oregon State, Stanford, Arizona and Arizona State - four games in which we should be 4-0, setting up a 10-0 record going into thanksgiving week, and December 3rd.  We have better talent than all of those four teams, and more importantly we have some intangibles going over us - yes we have a chip on our shoulders, as we are in need of erasing the bitter memories of  Stanford (01) and Miami (98), that have left a dark unhealthy cloud cover of doubt, agony, and skepticism over the skies of Westwood.

We have a long way to go.  Our offense is still getting off to very sluggish starts, leaving us in huge hole, and our defense ... what can I say ... feels like I am seeing reincarnation of and Edgarin James ... week in and week out, piling up footages over flailing Bruin defenders, which I am sure will be replayed over and over ESPN highlights, particularly during those NFL draft shows.

But after watching Drew Olson, perhaps evolve into something special in last three games, and seeing the talents of Maurice Drew, Marcedes Lewis, and the young guns in our WR crew shining through and the defense stiffening in key moments of the game, I keep thinking WHY NOT US?

Out defense showed in the second half yesterday ... it has enough talent to make those crucial stops, stiffen up, and bottle up the opposing running game.   Kerr and his crew needs to find a way so they get the boys fired up coming out of the game and play that way from the first quarters, instead of looking that December 5, 1998 version of the UCLA defense falling and flailing all over the field.  And the DO knows by now this his team, he can take over, and if he comes out focused from get go, his team-mates will follow.

We are now 3-4 wins away from Dorrell getting validation as the head coach of UCLA football.  As, my stomach still churning and my mind still unsettled about next 9 weeks, I am thinking this morning WHY NOT US?
We need to start saying this over and over again WHY NOT US? We still have two more dangerous games to go.  And, we have to stop relying on these second half comebacks, well more like fourth quarter miracles, like we are doing in 1998.  Otherwise, we will get our hearts ripped out just like Miami did on December 5, 1998.  Nevertheless, it is a lot of run right now to see Zombies of Westwood driving national experts crazy :
UCLA is no UC Davis but ... What's wrong with this national championship picture? UCLA is still in it.

Here's the crack in the mirror: After a stunning comeback at Stanford by the Bruins, only USC is closer to playing for the national championship.

That's because with five undefeated teams left, only the Trojans and Bruins meet head-to-head (Dec. 3). If the planets align, the victor could clinch a spot in the Rose Bowl -- aka UCLA's home stadium.

To paraphrase the guard from a certain Judy Garland movie: No way, no how could anyone see the great and terrible Bruins winning at Stanford. Not trailing by three touchdowns with less than eight minutes left.

Well, UCLA is great because it's 8-0. Some way, somehow.
Well no turning back now.  We still have two easily winnable, yet dangerous games ahead.  But not sure when again we are going to get an opportunity like this season in which we are going to have exorcise so many demons all one shot.  We took care of the ghosts up in Pallouse,  We took care of the demons of Palo Alto on Saturday.  Now if we can somehow someway come out swinging, play like we are capable of playing, put together a complete game against Arizona Saturday, we can come home for one of the more memorable senior games since Ed O'Bannon and Tyus Edney's senior game in 1995.  We can't end this fair tail now. It is all about Arizona, Arizona, and more Arizona.  Another must win Saturday.  And the motto of the BruinsNation needs to be: WHY NOT US.