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How Bruins should treat Trojans (with Window & Quicktime versions)

UPDATED 2/1:Again, for those who need a refresher on how a Bruin should treat a Trojan scum, here is that ad. from ESPN again:

UPDATED 11/30:We posted this about a month ago. Great time to repost it. We have two more versions of this thanks to our readers. Here is a .mpg file (windows) and .mov (quicktime) file. Enjoy. Of course ESPN has been taking lot of hits in the blogosphere. Rightfully so. They are horrible and something you will see us commenting as we get into the heat of basketball season commenting on the buffonery of DUKE Vitale, Jay Bilas, Digger Phelps, assclown Steve Lavin, and shills like Katz and Gottlieb. But we will leave that for another day. But for now play that commercial over and over again this week. GO BRUINS.

This is probably the best UCLA ad. I have ever seen on television.  If you haven't had a chance to see the UCLA Halloween Ad that ESPN ran last few days check it out! It is simply awesome. Look on that doofus/Satan's spawn looking Trojan child is priceless.

The file is on Real Media Player. If some one knows how to convert it into a WMP or Quicktime then go for it, and send it to us at and we will post fresh link!

Big big ups to one of our readers from New York for sending us the file

Enjoy.  It is awesome.

Go Bruins.