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Happy Ending ...

Last night's win over ASU after the cataclysmic failure at the desert was nice. The DO was on fire in his last game at the Rose Bowl, and now should definitely be one of the top-5 Heisman contenders in the nation. Again if you need a perspective on the season the DO is having here is Adande:

Matt Leinart: 212 completions in 316 attempts, 3,026 yards, 23 touchdowns, seven interceptions.

Olson: 218 completions in 322 attempts, 2,909 yards, 30 touchdowns (a UCLA single-season record) and three interceptions.
Also, speaking of perspective, as I said yesterday, last night's victory over a pathetic ASU team with second worst defense in the Pac-10 and playing with its back up quarterback (who amassed 334 yards) is not exactly happy ending we are going to be gratified with here at the BruinsNation. This is what we want from Karl Dorrell and his football program on December 3rd:

That is the happy ending we are looking for. We want the 2LiveDrew to go off on that first Saturday of December and we want Havner and Co. sitting on the Ballroom Dancer's throat (ala Mike Flanagan). That is our happy ending for this season. Until we end the ****ing streak on December 3rd, nothing is going to matter. Nothing. GO BRUINS.