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Tedford shows what a joke Pom Pom Caroll has become...

So while Pom Pom Carroll is rewarding his freshmen LB for (allegedly) beating up and assaulting students on campus by letting him play, Tedford is suspending his freshman LB for showing unsportsman like conduct on the field:

Bears inside linebacker Zack Follett, a true freshman who has accumulated 28 tackles, will be suspended for the first quarter of the Big Game due to his personal foul against USC tailback LenDale White on Saturday at Memorial Stadium. Follett was flagged for putting his helmet into the face of White, who was down on the ground after losing his own helmet. Tedford announced the suspension on Monday but didn't comment further.
Tedford is a classy football coach who respects the game of "college" football and integrity of a great institution of higher learning. His actions here just made it apparent how Pom Pom is a classless piece of shit, who is making a mockery of college football, furthering/cementing the perception that OJ's alma mater is nothing but a community college of (alleged) thugs, (alleged) cons, and (alleged) rapists/gang bangers, giving lip service to notion of an institution of higher learning. Anyone who claims to be a "student" or "alumni" of "University" of Southern California ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are a disgrace, a morally and ethically challenged community, which has lost all perspective given the "success" under Pom Pom's (alleged) criminals.