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Notes from the road ...

Didn't get to watch or listen to last night's game.  We won 54-47.  We beat up on a Temple team which always plays tenacious defense and solid half court basketball.  Temple's head coach Cheney always the class act (or I guess "blunt" from a Temple fan's perspective) didn't think much of Howland's Bruin defense:

UCLA was happy with its defense, but Temple coach John Chaney liked his team's shot selection.

"I didn't think much of (their defense)," Chaney said. "Not at all. You can see by the score. Our problem was that we couldn't drop baskets. What it boils down to is putting the ball in the basket. They're a much better team for sure, no question. But I thought we were getting what we wanted to get."
Geez. Was Cheney referring to our football team? Because judging from the stats. the Bruin defense had a pretty solid night holding the Owl defense to just 31.5 % shooting. Some thing tells me that was not just shot selection. Anyone, who was at the game has a different perspective, please chime in the comment section. Also couple of things stood out to me from the stats. Ced had his solid second game in a row (11 pts, 9 boards). It is way way too early for invoking comparisons to a senior comeback year ala Drew Olson for Ced, but it's certainly a great sign.  And let's hope Ced's confidence can keep growing taking urgency of Jordan's quick return from his ankle injury. Last thing we need is rushing Jordan back and exacerbating his ankle injury from last night, however minor or (God forbid) major that may be. Also, the other thing I wanted to mention was our Prince Luc! The Viper Eater had his second solid game in a row pulling down 10 boards, including 3 on the offensive glass. That is pretty good start for a frosh. who is now averaging 9 boards and 7 points a game.  Not sure if he is going to keep this pace but again this is a very encouraging sign. re. the depth of this team.

In my pre-season predictions, I thought we'd lose this game to Temple, so the result in itself was encouraging. Let's see what we can do against an extremely athletic Memphis program, especially if we don't have Jordan or have him at less than 100 percent.  In any event, these games will only get us stronger as a unit going into the Pac-10 conference.  Howland will get them ready.  Oh, by the speaking of Drew Olson, the official site finally unveiled it's Olson for Heisman website this week. Check it out.  All right I am out again ... not sure if I will be able to post much, will try though. Meanwhile, you all ... post away. This is your Nation. GO BRUINS.