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Olson is having a better season than Leinart

I know lot of Trojans will be shrieking on the suggestion that Bruin's Drew Olson is having a better season than their beloved Ballroom Dancer, but it seems right now that notion is spreading well beyond the BruinsNation. Here is Avery Smith making that argument on SportsCentral:

Olson is quietly having the most impressive year of any quarterback in the land. He leads the nation in passing efficiency, quarterback rating, and has an absolutely staggering 30-to-3 touchdown-to-interception ratio. He is a cinch to throw for over 3,000 yards and has an opportunity to lead the UCLA Bruins to their first double-digit win total since 1998.

The Trojans are currently at 10 wins already, and have had yet another banner season. Matt Leinart is a major factor in USC's success, but is anyone really surprised? All credit to the ballroom dancer aside, USC has more talent than a strip bar in Atlanta.

When Leinart takes his five-step drop, he has Dwayne Jarrett, who is probably the best receiver in the country and Steve Smith, the best number two wideout in the Pac-10. If they are covered, he can dump it off to some guy named Reggie Bush, or Dominique Byrd, who is probably being covered by some hopeless linebacker. Leinart has all of this time to go through his reads because his offensive line is one of the best in America. Drew Olson has no such luxury.

Olson has led the Bruins to nine victories by making stars out of average receivers. Due to his pinpoint accuracy, Marcus Everett and Gavin Ketchum have exceeded expectations and Joe Cowan, a virtual unknown until this season, now looks like the next coming of Danny Farmer. Olson has had to contend with an offensive line is barely a notch above adequate as Mike McCloskey, their best lineman, has been out due to injury for several weeks now. Of course, Maurice Drew has been spectacular and Marcedes Lewis is heating up, but Drew Olson has put up better numbers than Leinart with far less at his disposal.
Make sure to read the whole column.  Well it is all going to come down to December 3rd. If DO wins that game, he should win the Heisman over Bush, Ballroom Dancer and that Texas Longhorns quarterback strutting his stuff in a D-1AA Big-12 conference. GO BRUINS.