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"University" of Southern [Ca] CRIMINALS

Seriously what will it take for the MSM to realize the pattern of out of control criminal behavior in Peter Carroll's USC program?  Yet another Trojan thug was arrested for assault and battery yesterday in Southern California:

Police arrested USC linebacker Rey Maualuga early Tuesday morning after he punched another student at an off-campus Halloween party.

Maualuga, 18, went to a party on 29th Street for Halloween attended by a large group of athletes and students. According to witnesses, Maualuga made a sarcastic comment to another student about his Halloween costume and when the student responded to the comment, Maualuga punched him.

He was arrested by Los Angeles police at the Cardinal Gardens apartment complex and taken to the Southwest Division station, where he was booked for misdemeanor assault and released on $20,000 bail.

"I've been told not to comment, I can't really say anything," Maualuga said after Tuesday's practice. "I'm just going to leave it in God's hands."
LMAO leave it in God's hands?  Like waiting for your pathetic head coach to bail you out again by making you run some laps around that practice field? Consider what has happened in Peter Carroll's out of control football program infested with thugs and alleged sexual criminals in just this year. From April 8, 2005:
USC tight end Dominique Byrd fractured his jaw during an alleged altercation with receiver Steve Smith last week, although few know about the incident because Byrd is academically ineligible for spring practice.

Byrd's jaw was wired shut following the altercation, which took place when the pair argued while playing a video game, according to sources. (Note: at least it was for a good reason)

"I don't have any comment on that," Smith said following Thursday's practice.

USC coach Pete Carroll also declined comment, although sources said he spoke to Smith about the incident. Smith was not punished and has not missed any practices.
And there was Eric Wright getting arrested for sexual assault back in March of this year:
Eric Wright, a starting cornerback on the football team who intercepted a pass in the Orange Bowl, was arrested early Saturday morning by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student in his apartment at Cardinal Gardens.
And that was the second sexual assault investigation involving USC football player in less than a year under Peter Carroll's watch.

When will it be enough information for the media to recognize something really disturbing is going on over at ole USC? Does Carroll really have any control over this program any more or has he basically become a Dennis Erickson in Miami version of college football coach, letting bunch of gangbangers, hoodlums, dominating this legendarily corrupt program who turned out to be thugs, rapists, and double murderers?

I mean it is absolutely appalling to see Shelley Smith of ESPN going ga ga over another sophomoric Halloween prank Carroll played on his players allowing his resident genius Lendell White to miss practice. No mention of the latest incident whatsoever in ESPN or anywhere else (in the national MSM).

It's time rest of the country needs to become aware that something is terribly rotten going over at USC.  Peter Carroll has lost all control as he is making mockery out of the concept of student athletes. Sick, pathetic, disgusting.  I wonder how parents let this kids be recruited by this morally bankrupt used car salesman?