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So the players are upset that Bruins are not getting any respect from around the nation:

UCLA gained a modicum of respect when it defeated Oklahoma earlier this season, but tailback Maurice Drew said he believes most of the nation still thinks very little of the Bruins.

Although Miami suffered its second loss of the season to Georgia Tech, the Hurricanes remained ranked ahead of UCLA in the polls and in the BCS standings. UCLA, which is 11th in the Associated Press and coaches' polls, is 12th in the BCS. Miami, one of four two-loss teams ahead of UCLA, is ninth.

"It just shows we don't have any respect. No respect this year," Drew said. "We still haven't done anything enough to respect. We beat all these teams that are supposed to be way better, crush us, and we beat them and we still don't get any respect."

One way to change that is to defeat top-ranked USC on Dec. 3 at the Coliseum.

"All I want is a little respect," Drew said. "Just a little bit. What happened this weekend was pretty bad. There's teams that have two losses, and some that will end up with three and still be ahead of us, and we only have one loss. It makes me so upset.
Uhm ... I love our players. Drew and Olson have had that "magical season" in terms of stats. But they need to realize right now their 9-1 record is just about as special as Boise State's undefeated record from last season. We haven't beaten anyone yet of note that is actually in the top-10 or is having a huge season. There is only one way we can get that RESPECT. We have to freaking earn it on December 3rd. We are not going to get it waiting around, whining about it. GO BRUINS.