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Charges to be Dropped Against Rey Maulastudent

Was there really ever any doubt?

This is just another example of the corruption that pervades both City Hall and that joke of a so-called "University" that enables criminals like Rey Maulastudent.

Counsel for SuC, errrr, Maulastudent Carmen Trutanich demonstrates his knowledge of the elements for battery under California law:

Trutanich said he trusted that the prosecutors who are evaluating Maualuga's case were taking into consideration many circumstances, including Maualuga's personal situation with his gravely ill father.

"You have to have some sense of what justice (not Winston) is, and I think that's what the City Attorney's office is doing right now," said Trutanich, who said prosecutors could exercise other options short of filing charges. "They're looking for a sense of justice in this case."

Mateljan said Trutanich was free to speculate about that but insisted that the case was being evaluated like all other cases.

You've got to be kidding me.