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Surrendering in Westwood?

Well it sure looks like the administrators at UCLA have given up on Dorrell beating USC this weekend.  Through the years the SC game week was called simply "Beat SC" week in Westwood.  It was "Beat SC" week when I attended UCLA in first half of the 90s and tradition continued on until this year. The geniuses from Ackerman are calling this week's activities around the SC game as "Blue and Gold" week:

"Beat 'SC" will be the phrase on students' minds this week - though many would use a word other than "beat" - but the events leading up to this weekend's football game are taking a new spin on the historical rivalry.

In previous years, the series of events which preceded the UCLA-USC game was called Beat 'SC Week, and was focused on generating support for the football team's bout with its traditional rival.

But this year, organizers wanted to emphasize school pride over athletic competition.

This year's events, titled Blue and Gold Week, are sponsored by the UCLA Student Alumni Association and will showcase traditional events including the Beat 'SC Car Smash and bonfire rally in Wilson Plaza, as well as new cultural and academic events.

LMAO! Yes, it's those "new cultural and academic events" that will be the difference maker this Saturday against the thugs from Southern Cal. Instead of creating a frenzied atmosphere of overwhelming spirit and emotion against Peter Carroll's (alleged) gangbangers, UCLA administrators are getting the Bruin community in Westwood ready for the biggest game of the season by having "cultural and academic events." This is what happens when you have an Ivy League gas bag with no clue of the tradition of UCLA football and what this weekend's game means to UCLA alums and students leading this university. Yes, I am sure Trojans are whipping up their faithful for this big game by having cultural and academic events and dub it "Maroon and Gold" week!  What a bunch of tools.  Same tools who celebrated a loss against USC as one of the biggest accomplishments of last year. Remember this from the Daily Bruin?

We better win this weekend. Otherwise, considering what a fraud Arizona turned out to be following our debacle, this season will turn out to be one of the biggest wasted opportunities in the history of UCLA football. And we will have the "Pac-10 Coach of the Year" and his cheese eating surrender monkeys of administrators to thank them for it. GO BRUINS.