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When we win this Saturday ...

Look what we are gonna do to the BFreakingCS (emphasis mine):

Planets would not exactly spin off their axis if the Trojans lost. In fact, even though they would have lost to UCLA and both teams would have identical conference records, the Trojans would win the tiebreaker. Wha??? Well, here's how the Pac-10 figures it. The Trojans, Bruins, and Oregon would all be 7-1 in conference and since all three did not play each other (UCLA did not play Oregon), then the tiebreaker is record against common opponents. And that's where UCLA's loss to Arizona, a school that USC and Oregon both beat, drops them out. See how simple college football is.

Still, should the Bruins win, the BCS might need the jaws of life to pry open the carnage a USC loss would foster. Would the Trojans, Pac-10 champs, still be worthy of a national title game? And if so, how unhappy would the fans in Happy Valley be about that? If Penn State journeys to Pasadena instead, the Trojans then would likely wind up in the Orange Bowl. But would not UCLA, with an identical record as USC and having beaten them head up, not be irate at that scenario?

Could it happen? Why not? Did you see how much closer some of last weekend's rivalry games were than anyone predicted? Did you watch as Fresno State, a very good team but in no way one that is definitively better than the Bruins, nearly took out USC in the Coliseum on Nov. 19? Do you have any idea how stoked the Bruins players will be for this game? The Bruins very well may crash the BCS party in Los Angeles this Saturday.

Accidents will happen. In Los Angeles, you can count on it. It's just unusual that you can actually know where and when they will occur. Let the rubbernecking begin.
Make sure to read the whole article courtesy of the good guys from SIonCampus.