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Peter Carroll's Trojan Family

Aaah - "Trojan Family."  One of the favorite monikers of Peter Carroll and his coaching staff on the recruited trail, egged on by the rabid, delusional freaks worshipping the Trojan horse. Well, this seems to be a nice run down of the "Trojan Family" of alleged thugs and criminals under Peter Carroll:

The (Trojan - Ed.) alumni will allow horrible behavior, heck, they are bankrolling it, as long as PC wins. Here are just a few of the known indescretions of the team in the PC era:

Marcell Almond - 3 separate fights (no disciplinary action by PC)

Cassell and Lienart get in a frat fight (not with each other) - no disciplinary action by PC

Chauncy Washington breaks a kids jaw - no disciplinary action by PC

Winston Justice arrested for soliciting a prostitute - PC makes him run laps (not making this up)

Manny Wright arrested for beating up his girlfriend - PC sends him to bed without pizza (again, not making this up)

Winston Justice tries to intimidate a fellow student by flashing a gun (which the other student didn't know was fake) - no disciplinary action by PC

Herschel Dennis throws a party in which alcohol and drugs are present. A woman believes she was drugged and gang raped. PC suspends Dennis for three games and promises full cooperation with the authorities. Every player at the party refuses to cooperate with the police, PC takes no action against them even though they made him a liar.

Steve Smith breaks a teammates jaw over an unpaid gambling debt - no disciplinary action by PC, unless saying "boys will be boys" is considered disciplining them

LenDale White beats up a freshman teammate for saying he wanted to prove he was a better player than White - no disciplinary action taken by PC

Eric Wright is arrested for rape, police find over 100 Ecstacy tablets in his apartment. Neither he nor his roommate (another FB player, forget who) will tell the police who the drugs belong to. No action taken by PC against either player.

Mark Sanchez and Brian Cushing get in a fight at a party - no disciplinary action taken by PC

And those are only the ones we know about. Your program has one of the worst off the field history of any school, but the alumni don't care, and never will care, as long as you keep winning.
Again, just to repeat Peter Carroll still hasn't suspended his out of control freshmen LB, who just pounded a fellow student on campus. So when will exactly the GameDay crew talk about the lack of control at ole USC?