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"Finish it"

Dohn has a round up on BCS implications on UCLA, and Jarrad Page provides the punch line - none of that matters unless the Bruins "finish it":

Senior strong safety Jarrad Page said he was unaware of UCLA's ranking until teammates mentioned it to him Monday afternoon, hours after the BCS was released.

"It doesn't matter because you're not going to any BCS bowl unless you finish it," Page said. "You've got to finish the season, and that all starts with Arizona. We go out here and stumble to Arizona, whatever we are right now doesn't matter anymore.

"We're trying to think about being 1-0, about beating Arizona. When you start looking at the BCS, you start thinking about being 3-0 your next three games. That's too big of a thing to focus on in one week."
That is PERFECT.  It is all about Arizona. Speaking of the Mildcats, apparently Kerr is not going to change up or adjust the defensive scheme for their freshmen QB Willie Tuitama, who had a great first career start against Oregon State last weekend:
The Wildcats have proved to be a dangerous team behind the arm of freshman quarterback Willie Tuitama. He threw for 336 yards and two touchdowns in his first career start to lead Arizona to a 29-27 win at Oregon State.

But the Bruins' game plan won't change.

"You always want to stop the run first, so there's no more pressure than any other week," UCLA safety Jarrad Page said.

Last week, Arizona had 100-yard receiving games from freshman Mike Thomas (four catches for 162 yards) and sophomore Anthony Johnson (three catches, 117 yards). Tuitama connected on throws of 31, 39, 75 and 68 yards, big plays UCLA must avoid.

"(Tuitama) is a young guy with a lot of confidence," UCLA defensive coordinator Larry Kerr said. "The team has rallied around him and you can see that he's given them a spark on offense. Their receivers are talented, too."
Well, I think the key is our offense.  They (we are looking straight at you Chai and co) need to come out strong, DOMINATE, and play nice little ball control clock eating WCO.  Give the D a nice little 7-10 pt. lead so that they can tee off Tuitama. For love of God ... I am not going to be able take any of these nerve wrecking close games.  Good news from this week is that Dorrell and his players are saying all the right things, let's hope they can turn their words into actions this Saturday.

Lastly, over at University of Southern (ca) Criminals, Peter Carroll disciplined his alleged assaulting freshmen linebacker by letting him practice! LOL  Nope, of course Carroll did't have the balls to suspend his thug freshmen who is supposedly punched out other students on campus. Gotta love what goes over there at the Killer's alma mater in the name of a "college football" program. Anyways back to our Bruins. As Page says, we just gotta "finish it." GO BRUINS.