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Bruin Attitude

Of course everyone around the nation doesn't think we have a shot. The excuse makers in Westwood are also not going to give us a chance saying how it will be just an accomplishment for Karl Dorrell if the Bruins put up some kind of fight.  Here we are not just looking for a fight, we want the Bruins to end the 6 game Trojan streak. It is more than doable for a number of reasons. Bisheff lays them out here.  I think it will come down to attitude:

A Matter of Attitude:UCLA has nothing to lose. USC has everything to lose.

The Bruins aren't likely to slip into a BCS bowl even with a victory, so they can be loose and relaxed, knowing that if they win, it will be an achievement they remember the rest of their lives.

The Trojans, on the other hand, with injured tailback LenDale White still a question mark, need to win to get to the BCS title game and live up to everyone's expectations.

The pressure of that No.1 ranking and long winning streak has been weighing heavily on their shoulder pads of late.

And should they lose Saturday, this will be a game they will rue the rest of their lives.
No excuses. No moral victories. Bruins have to win this Saturday. BEAT SC.