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Trojan Haters Club on Beat SC Week ...

Well this more like BEAT SC week. Good to see the guys from Trojan Haters Club is united with the BruinsNation on this topic:

UCLA is not calling this week BeatSC Week this year. To be ridiculously politically correct, but really just to be pussies, they are calling it Blue and Gold Week. The only decent rationale is that Homecoming did not occur normally this year due to class schedules, so the parade is this Thursday, complete with floats.

We'll give them a pass THIS year, but next year "BeatSC" Week better be back, Officially.
Those guys have lots of great pics and updates. Make sure to check them out throughout this whole BEAT SC week. Lots of good stuff to get your blue and gold bold boiled. BEAT SC. GO BRUINS.