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Hoop Time

Yes we have football fever over here at the Nation, but cannot forget hoops.  Howland's crew opens up the exhibition season tonight against the national champions of Canada, Carleton College. HoopScoop as usual has the goods:

I can't believe I'm about to write this already, but... it's GAME WEEK. Yes, it's only an exhibition, but it's a game nonetheless (Friday at Pauley, 7:30 pm), so let's take at least a quick look at our opponent, the Carleton University Ravens. They indeed are three-time defending champs... of Canada. They are coming off of back-to-back 28-0 seasons and have a 78-game winning streak overall. These accomplishments actually appear to be a little less impressive than they sound (we're talking Canadian basketball here, not ice hockey, curling, or Terrence and Philip cartoons). To give you an idea of how the team matches up against American schools, the Ravens recently lost a game in Ottawa to Murray State, 67-63. Also be aware that the team will be playing its second game in as many nights when it faces the Bruins, as Carleton will be coming off of a game at Arizona State Thursday night.
Who knew Carleton was in Canada?  I thought it was in Minnesota?  Oh well.  Michael Miller describes them as the UCLA of Canada!

Anyways, on other hoops note, Pac-10 media day was yesterday, they picked UCLA to finish 3rd. Burlison, the best out there in terms of MSM hoops analyst thinks we are going to finish at the fourth spot. Given all the injuries we have on our roster, I gotta go with Burlison.  Let's hope all the kids are healthy by January at least. I will do a post later on my expectations for this hoops season. GO BRUINS.