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Getting ready for 'Zona

We along with everyone else have been singling out the lethargic play of our OL last weekend up in Palo Alto. Well according to Dohn's report today the guys in the trenches have been going at it hard the whole week in practice:

"The energy and the tempo have changed, and we're having a good week of practice," UCLA sophomore strong-tackle Brian Abraham said. "Everything is a lot faster, a lot smoother. We're not re-doing plays as much. It's a good feeling. You're more tired because you go a lot harder. It just shows we're getting prepared better."

Offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Tom Cable said he tweaked practice slightly, and became more demanding in hopes of avoiding a slow start.

"One thing is the pass-rush drill we do," Cable said. "We're focusing on getting (the linemen's) hands set on the target. Not outside it, not inside it, but on it. Things like that, and me demanding that, and (the players) working on that.

"I use the term if you aim small, you miss small. It's like shooting a gun. I think that's offensive line play."
Well let's hope that results of the practice show from the outset this Saturday.  Arizona has the second worst rushing defense in the Pac-10 (giving up 185yds/game) next to ours (212 yds/game).  It'd be nice to see 2LiveDrews and co. explode out of the gate against Arizona.  The OC Register's Kuwada has a good article on the supporting cast of 2LiveDrews, our multi-dimensional young receivers , who have collectively done an amazing job stepping up and filling in for injured Junior Taylor:
Taylor had more career receptions than the group as a whole.

The lack of experience at the positions, or working with the quarterback, has not retarded the growth of the Bruins' West Coast offense. Olson has gained a comfort level with the other receivers. And they all have made plays - 11 different players have caught at least one touchdown pass.


The continued progress has been driven by the development of Olson - his ability to understand the concepts of a formation and play, read the defense and then put the football where it is supposed to be when all are factored together. But the receivers have not struggled or forced the Bruins to scale back on what they are able to put into a game plan each week.


Olson said there are times that he does not know which receiver is in the game, given the constant rotation of receivers bringing in plays from the sideline. But he knows where to go with the football, regardless of who will be on the receiving end of a pass.

"I've just found a comfort level with this overall scheme and the receiving corps as a whole," he said.

And that has been key in the continued development of an offense that features running back Maurice Drew, tight end Marcedes Lewis and, coming into the season, was in dire need of an outside playmaker to add depth and options to the offense.

They have ended up with several: Cowan and Everett both have caught 25 passes for 302 yards and Breazell has 20 receptions for 264 yards.
Let's hope the offense is on its game early this weekend, because we are not sure our hearts will be able to handle any more of the crazy Bruin comebacks. They need to throttle the Mildcats right from the kickoff. GO BRUINS.