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"Just Be Happy with 8 Wins"

"Let's keep it in pespective. We were 6-6 last year!"

"Nobody expected us to be 9-0 this season."

"It's hard to go undefeated in the PAC 10."

"All teams have a let down game."

Sorry, but fuck that.

These are just some of the sentiments that I have come across while perusing the other UCLA message boards on the Internets. These people sound like a bunch of Soccer moms.

Quite frankly, it disgusts me. I can't help but to think of the same loser mindset that some UCLA fans expressed after the "moral victory" against USC last year.

These are the same people that scream and cry when ESPN analysts call UCLA soft, fail to give UCLA the benefit of the doubt when rankings are put out, or gasp, pick a 2-6 Arizona team to "upset" UCLA (thanks Herbstreit). Soft fans, soft team.

Before being laughed out of Wildcat Stadium Saturday night, I had the opportunity to see Mr. Softy in action. He was the guy sitting in the UCLA section, trying to convince everyone that UA was falling right into Cable and Kerr's trap. "They are just wearing out the UA OL and DL." This guy kept going until about 8 minutes to go in the game, despite what was taking place right in front of him.

Newsflash: the UCLA football program is still soft. We showed some signs of toughness against Oklahoma. Year 3 into the Dorrell era. Still soft.

Ask yourself one question: Have you seen a more pathetic display of defensive fundamentals than what took place in Wildcat Stadium Saturday night? Missed tackles, overpursuit, bad angles, blown coverages (UA's first play of the game--talk about coming out ready to play), zero pass rush, and inability to shed blocks have plagued this team all season.

And what exactly happened to the offense on Saturday? Could it be that Mike Stoops (that's Mike, not Bob) picked up on some of Tom Cable's tendencies? When there are 3 people around Maurice Drew everytime he sets up for a screen or that flare pass, wouldn't it be wise to go past page 3 of the playbook and try something different? And the one play that we are successful at evertime it is called is the fade to Marcedes Lewis. We're lucky if we see it maybe once a game. (Otherwise, the staff did a great job of getting Lewis the ball on Saturday).

These are just a few of the reasons why I can't seem to keep things in perspective. 8-1. That is great. I just can't help but to think that this whole thing is a house of cards, teetering on a complete collapse at any moment.

I am just not confident that the UCLA football program is in capable hands after seeing what happened Saturday.