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Rooting for Ced (Updated)

UPDATE II(3/28) 5:15 pm:So I wrote the original post below back in November before the season got started. How cool is it to see now this kind of article from ESPN appreciating Ced popping up all over in the national websites:

not once has Bozeman complained. Not once has he headed home frustrated, tossed all his clothes into a few boxes and quit. Transferring, he said, "wasn't me." So he stayed in Westwood to see his career through. Saturday in Indianapolis, he'll get the ultimate reward, as his school returns to college basketball's grandest stage for the first time since Ed O'Bannon and Co. won the 1995 national title.

"Personally, it would be a great feeling, just to end my career on a good note," Bozeman said. "I've been through a lot of ups and downs. I've always been a team guy. Just to see this come to a place like this, it will be great and very special. I'll cherish it for the rest of my life."
One of the reasons I feel good about this Saturday is none other than no. 21. He brings good karma. Ced - simply one my favorite Bruins - EVER. GO BRUINS. -N

UPDATE I(12/15 8:50 am EST):Nice article in the LA Times today on Ced coming around without his brace. As I wrote here more than a month ago, I am pulling for this kid. And so far it looks like he is coming around rather nicely without his brace and meshing in well with Jordan, AA, and DC, while playing well at the 4 at times sharing time with Luc. And he is also alleviating the impact of the loss of Shipp during the early part of the season, and his return should make our team stronger. Goo story all around. Let's hope it continues. GO BRUINS.-N

Some encouraging news from the hoops team practice.  Ced is now practicing without a brace:
Cedric Bozeman shed his knee brace at the request of Ben Howland and learned something critical: he could play worry-free basketball again.

Bozeman, who sat out last year with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, worked out and practiced with a knee brace the past two months but really didn't need it.

He might not be playing point guard for the Bruins anymore but he has a versatile role - being able to play three positions - and he played well in the team's exhibition game against Carleton University on Friday.

"I got so comfortable with (the brace)," Bozeman said. "I was so used to it but I knew it was time to let it go. I feel a lot lighter. I have a lot more freedom."

His most important contribution - especially with center Michael Fey still out with a groin injury - could be rebounding and he tied for a team-high eight in that category. Bozeman will play the 2-, 3- and 4-guard positions. He even worked on posting up in practice on Monday.
Now here is one person I am going to pulling for hard this basketball season. Nothing will make me happier if Ced can have Drew Olson like year in hoops in his last year at UCLA. Ced has taken a lot of heat from UCLA basketball fans during his injury plagued years. The kid's confidence was shot from the beginning when he was bamboozled by Steve Lavin's lack of coaching and managing the roster. If he can mesh in with Jordan, Afflalo, Shipp and co. and make pivotal contributions by playing lock up Howland D on opposition guards and get key rebounds, he just may be able to play an invaluable role in this year's team. The key for him is to stay healthy. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


This is a great kid who deserves to leave Westwood on a great note. Let's hope he turns out to be the feel good story of this year's hoops season. I am rooting for him. Go Bruins.