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Hearts and minds ....

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While Brandon Hancock was saying this about the Bruins:

"We respect Notre Dame and at the end of the day it's a pretty healthy rivalry. But all bets are off with these pansies," Hancock said. "We don't want to just beat them. We want to hurt them. We're not going to call the dogs off in the third or fourth quarter. We want to send a message."
Maurice Drew was saying this about Reggie Bush:
Drew got tickets a couple of weeks ago from a couple of Fresno State players when they played at USC.

"I did nothing but applaud," Drew said recalling Bush's electrifying 50-yard run against the Bulldogs. "The Fresno State fans were getting upset. I was in their section.

"I can be a fan of the game. I'm not against him."
The contrast between these quotes remind me of the picture published in the Daily Bruin following the 1990 shootout game in which Bruin safety Matt Darby extended his hand to help out sacked Trojan QB Todd Marijuanavich. Marijuanavich of course instead of accepting Darby's middle finger extended his middle finger to the legendary Bruin safety.  Same old shit now. Nothing but classless vitriol coming from the football players from cross town following up the fine tradition of coddling drug pushers and double murderer.

Anyways, this is setting up rather nicely for us. I can't ready any more news articles from local and nation writers performing felatios on the Ball Room dancer and the President. Not worth it. The point has been loud and clear from the idiots on MSM.  Herbstreet was once again drooling all over Bush during the ESPN broadcast last night. Yes, the Bruins rightfully deserve skepticism because of our defense and that ugly game against Arizona. But folks around the country and in L.A. are forgetting what this game means to us.

I don't think I am not the only one in not being able to describe or put in words the pain, suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, and disappointment of last six years.  I gotta believe every single one of those kids putting on that blue and gold uniform for the last time in this game gotta have the same feelings.

I don't need go on about our offense and 2LIVEDREW. No need for that. Those two in our eyes are better than the Dancer/President combo from cross-town. Fresno State's offensive players would be third stringers in this Bruin offense. We have the talent on offense to blow up these Trojan. Dorrell and Cable have to get it done. Period.

We are going to have to bring it in defense (think Dennis Keyes hit on Rhett Bomar from earlier in the season). Larry Kerr will simply have to earn his paycheck this week. If we come out on fire on December 3rd, showing all kinds of formation, and bringing in the heat from all over the place, we can get the Ball Room Dancer rattled, who is a rhythm QB. It is all about disrupting the flow and rhythm of SC's offense and if we can put some pressure on Leinart we can get it done. And, we have the athletes to make it happen.

I have seen tons of college football this season, and I am not sure if there are 5 other teams in the nation witch as much talent on the offensive side of the ball as UCLA. It is incredible. And as our defense is rested, ... they should come out on the Rose Bowl on December 3rd, healthy & strong, with their hair on fire. They need to come out like a pack of wild dogs after Hancock and co.

SC is undefeated and they are a great team. But that doesn't mean we should be going in this game with the expectation we should be losing this game.

This is the only game that matters.

This is the only game that defines character of a UCLA football program.

This is the game KD and his staff MUST WIN to establish themselves as the viable regime in the hearts and minds of Bruins Nation.