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Howland's troops provide RELIEF

Now that the football program is totally spinning (or driving?) out of control (so much for KD running a clean program, guess we can blame Medlock for being a "Toledo recruit"), it is time to just focus on hoops because that is where we are going to get all the good news. Howland's boys are going to go through some growing pains this season, but they are right on track towards putting together a 20 win season and a possible run in the Big Dance. Bruins pulled out a huge in yesterday over a very good Nevada team riding the heart and soul of our young team - AA and Jordan Farmer. Here is Dohn's report on yesterday afternoon's game, check out what Fazekas had to say about the Bruins:

"I believe UCLA is the best team we played so far," Fazekas said. "It might be the best team we see all year."

UCLA's best combination on the floor, at times, saw Farmar, Afflalo and Collison, running the offense, playing together.
DC was incredible in first half. He basically keyed the first half runs which put the Bruins up top.

Photo Credit: Lisa Blumenfled (Getty Images via LA Times)

I specially loved the combinaiton of Jordan, AA and DC out there at the same time. But also notable to me was the play of Ryan Wright and Prince Luc. All though the stats didn't show Wright made his presence felt swarming on D and getting above the rim, pulling down some nice boards. He plays like he is hopping on a pogo stick, which kind of reminded of Andre Patterson. It got Howland's attention that's for sure:
Wright had three points, three rebounds, two steals and one blocked shot in 33 minutes, and his coach was impressed.

"Ryan did a good job defensively," Howland said. "He did a lot of little things that take a lot of mental preparation."
Let's hope this gives Ryan more  confidence. Luc continued to play like a prince hauling down a team leading 9 boards and scoring 8 points.

So that was Howland's first win in the Wooden classic after losing a heartbreaker to Kentucky in his first year, and losing to BC last year. We now go on to Ann Arbor against a very good Michigan team. It is going to be very tough to win in the Chrysler Arena next Saturday (12/17), but if our young cubbies (Luc, Ryan and Aboya) inside continue to get better, and our backcourt battery stays hot, we will have a shot. At least we are going to be ready by the time Pac-10 gets started. Lot to look forward to in hoops. It is going to be exciting to see this group of sophomores and freshmen (who logged in 152 of 200 mins yesterday) usher in a new era in Westwood. GO BRUINS.