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The last of Fellins?

Over at HoopScoop JD thinks we are getting very close - well may be:

A GREAT win for the Bruins. This win should go a long way with the selection committee come March. More importantly, we saw a lot of encouraging things with the team yesterday. The biggest probably was the aggressiveness of the team which started from the opening tip but was missing during our trip to MSG a couple of weeks ago. We attacked the rim consistently and lots of energy throughout the game. Also a good sign was the play of Ryan Wright. He wasn't spectacular, but he was effective for the 33 minutes he was in there. He was active and was a decent presence inside. So have we seen the last of Fellins? Not quite yet, but I think we're getting there. If Mata and Aboya get healthy, and Wright continues to improve, they will get the bulk of minutes in the middle. Speaking of Aboya, I guess he only played five minutes due to some swelling in his knee, which is not good to hear. However, we have the whole week off, so hopefully he (and the rest of the team) can continue to heal before the Michigan game.
He also shares our enthusiasm re. Wright. Looks like we are all on the same page re. UCLA hoops. GO BRUINS.